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  • 06/22/07--15:24: Article 9
  • Hmmm, Slightly odd remix version of "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka.

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  • 07/26/07--14:33: Article 8
  • I've been OUTED because of MySpace!

    LOL. I've never HID my sexuality but there are just some family members that I never came out to because I see them once in a Blue Moon. My grandmother for one, my Mom's Mom. Her daughter, my aunt is one of the few of her children still alive and we're somewhat close but speak so infrquently that when we do it's never about my sexuality... there are a million other things to catch up on. Well I'm pretty sure that she knew because she referred to Craigg a few times but no biggie. Again I was never hiding it, I just never sent a family newsletter out saying, "Hey I'm a fag!".

    Well she is on MS and just friended me. Ofcourse MS has my profile and a million photos of me and Craigg etc... kind of a releif. Now she can start the family rumors and out me to my grandmother and everyone else. That side of the family is about as liberal as you can get so I'm kind of releived. My grandmother used to grow pot, has about 7 tattoos and smokes with an Oxygen tank. (I'm waiting for the day where she blows her self up!).

    I just thought it was funny to have been outed. Apparently I have cousins on her page that I've never met or if I did they were babies. I can barely keep em straight.

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  • 10/15/07--10:18: Aspen Photos
  • Some Aspen Photos after the cut

    Some snaps of the actual town:

    Driving up to the Ghost town. This is year round snow on the peaks.

    And some of the Ghost town pics:

    Don't know what this was but I was convinced there was a body in there:

    And a part of my drive home when I was daring enough to take a pic:

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  • 12/07/07--14:34: Stolen from
  • Um.... Kitty Wigs? Seriously?

    Yep you can buy your kitty a wig Here


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  • 12/21/07--09:40: Article 5
  • Ahh how cute. Fat lazy Couch Potato cat

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  • 05/06/08--21:22: Galaxy Glue!
  • Anyone remember what movie this is from? (hint-Not a recent flick)

    Galaxy Glue, Galaxy Glue, what would we do without Galaxy Glue?

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  • 07/02/08--20:52: WTF

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  • 02/01/09--11:27: Ah crap
  • Like it or not today is going to be a detox day. Well I had my morning gallon of coffee sans a cigarette. Been chewing some gum BUT: 1. It taste's like ass, 2. It does not curb the craving for me so....

    I may need to surrender to the fact that today will be a little grumpy and confusing. I'm fine with that but REALLY worried that day 2 will be during work. I'll deal with smoking/work when it comes tomorrow. I'm not going to set myself up for failure before it even comes.

    I suggested going to the Zoo but craigg wants to do some yard work. So I am inside kinda figuring out something to do that requires little concentration. I know better than to do any balms or candles today, it will just annoy me.

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  • 03/03/09--09:19: What would happen
  • It took devastating weather storms to make a town in Greenboro NC to decide to 'redo' the city as a complete Green Makeover.

    I was thinking this morning about Lawns, as we start to near Spring and think about dusting off the lawn mowers to get ready to create those perfectly manicured squares of green surrounding our homes. I remember as a kid we would play in the lawn but on any summer day as I drive down my street I rarely see children or families doing anything in their lawns. Despite this, we are out there every weekend mowing and trimming, sometimes competing with the neighbors for that perfect look. It's thankless task with the only reward being your own personal satisfaction. Often at the environment's expense as we throw around chemicals just to reach that perfect shade of green.

    There are a number of sites out their challenging Obama to convert the White House front lawn into vegetable gardens. What a reduction of water use that would be, especially for that region's perfect soil.

    This morning I wondered, what if my entire street converted as much of their lawns as possible into edible gardening areas? One street in a community could easily start a local movement. How much money would the residence save on vegetables over a couple of years? It would be easy to have different homes split up their crops to form a crop share amongst the other neighbors and even surplus yields being donated, canned, dried or even sold for some profit.

    In 1943, Americans planted 20.5 million Victory Gardens, and the harvest accounted for nearly one-third of all the vegetables consumed in the country that year.

    Twenty-five million U.S. households planted vegetable and fruit gardens in 2007, according to Bruce Butterfield of the National Gardener's Association, and that number is expected to increase by several million this year.

    In fact, the average American garden has proven to be a surprisingly accurate social and economic barometer. The upsurge in fuel prices in 1975 spawned a similar gardening boom, with nearly 49% of the population growing some sort of produce. Then, as the prosperity of the '90s trickled down to American yards, the pendulum swung back toward aesthetics over sustenance.

    Lets face it, as Americans we are reactive, and at a time like this maybe it's an individual step we could make in this Nationally growing 'Go Green' movement. I enjoy living in the suburbs and have little desire to own a farm but in my ideal World there is a grey area in between Rural and Urban living where I fit in. I think we have not only lost a sense of community but a sense of personal responsibility. Oh some days I do wish we could go back to when life seemed a little more simple. I'm 100% in favor of our modern conveniences but sometimes I wish this roller coaster we are on would slow down just enough to enjoy the view a little.

    I wonder if I could make this challenge locally.

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    Pretty cool.  Denver has the most bike trails of any US City.  Even better that our bike loving mayor is improving and adding to the trails too.  I saw this rental booth at REI last weekend and didn't know what it was.

    %Denver Bike rental program%

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